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First day back and Tony isn’t working today. I guess someone had Daddy duty today. Teehee. 

Anonymous asked: I may be the one scandal fan that wants the show to fail and not go pass season 5--it's a terrible disappointing mess.--I would love to see KW & TG do some great movies and maybe guess star on TheDivide.--I'm really hoping TheDivide because a big success for Tony & Richard.

Many people who were once fans of the show share your same thoughts. 

I wish nothing but success for Tony and Kerry, both together and separately.

Anonymous asked: Do you think that Kerry & Tony will be together promoting season 4 or will remain with other cast members?

If ABC wants people to tune into Scandal, Tony and Kerry will promote the show together. 


I wanted to be in bed by 10. My brother decided to come home and now my dog is barking like a maniac. Did I mention I have to be up by 5:30 tom? So irresponsible. 

Anonymous asked: Why is there so much conflicting information on who was at that Obama fundraiser thing? What do you believe?

There are two things we know about this event. 

1) Kerry was there.

2) Tony was there.

That is all I know to be true. I have no idea who else attended as there have been zero photos of the people in question. I believe what I can see. 

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who was there. It doesn’t change a thing to me. I still believe Tony and Kerry are in love and very happy.