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Anonymous asked: Has Tony moved out of his dad's place ? because the backyard where he did the challenge doesn't look like his dad's house nor the 2 couch pic's that his posted ?

I don’t have the slightest clue. His father’s house is massive though so it can easily have tons of rooms with couches. :)

Well his backyard looks familiar….



Background similar to those pap photos? Hmmm. Must investigate further this weekend when I can.

I think we’re beyond this point. It’s fun and nice but we don’t have to convince anyone of anything, it probably is the same area cause that’s where they live. But pap shots are just so fucking lame I can’t even be bothered discussing them.

Well I, for one, love to have fun. 👍

Disrespectful. 😍😍😍

Disrespectful. 😍😍😍

Hm. Closed set and blueberry/strawberry pie! Interesting!

Hm. Closed set and blueberry/strawberry pie! Interesting!

Not about this life.

This cold was cute at first but 10 days later?!

Not amused. My immune system has always been high so I’m not sure why this little cold won’t peace out.

Anonymous asked: I need Katie to get pregnant do we can compare how he talks about his co-stars

No, you don’t. You know his behavior isn’t normal in regards to a coworker.