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As those I spoke with this about know, I absolutely wasn’t gonna say anything about this at all until tomorrow, because Tony and Kerry purposely kept it PRIVATE so far, for a damn good reason. I’ve known for a while but didn’t say any of it because it was PRIVATE. And thanks to ocgftg who is a genius we’ve had the visual proof with invitation since yesterday for me, morning for you in the US. But, given Tony was forced to say it himself right now… and also confirmed he’s gonna wear Tom Ford (niiiice!)…

See, just in case some don’t get it (the usual ones who stalk, of course), here goes. He isn’t just “going” HE IS CO-HOSTING with Kerry. That’s what happens when you, per rules above, pay the maximum allowed donation per person per year to the Democratic Party, $32,400. That’s how you are added to the invitation that originally only included Kerry and not includes a bunch of people, Tony as well. All added in alphabetical order, except Kerry who is the co-chair thus is the first listed.

Oh and, btw, so hilarious about the invite: those who are married or going with a partner are listed as couple. Oh… LOOK???? Kerry is single and Tony is single?

Oh and Bart says

THERE IS ALWAYS a reason for things as I was saying yesterday. FREAKING ALWAYS. And um yeah, I’m often well aware of it WELL before. Hence one of the MANY reasons why I am not in the slightest phased by certain things.

Always remember like I posted earlier this morning:


I love these two. I love this. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!


Perfect way to end Tony Tuesday. Hehe.

Perfect way to end Tony Tuesday. Hehe.

Anonymous asked: I'm curious as to what she will do if or when news/pictures come out about NA being gay; especially if there is picture proof.

Probably leak the “divorce”.

Anonymous asked: First of all those photos appear as though he met her there and they posed for the camera. Disney did tweet Dr Drew was spotted that day also, but no mention of her big time retired pro bowl yada yada... IJS. On to my question. In the photo KW posted there's a lady in a black shirt sitting on the bench to the right with a baby. What are the chances that she's "The Nanny on the Sideline" as mentioned the JJ write up?

Could be but I doubt it as Kerry probably wants to protect her child over anything and anyone. 

Anonymous asked: It's pretty obvious that Kerry wants people to talk about her and HIM. Many of the articles from the past few months didn't even mention him, they made her look like a single woman/mother. After the blind reveal and more questionable comments from Tony, she had to do something to bring the focus back to her and old dude. Get them mentioning him again. The rags ignored the pics where they looked distant so they had to do something to catch attention. It's all so extremely obvious and pathetic.

Her life, her games, her way, I guess….

Anonymous asked: I'm new to your blog and just love it to death. I was just wondering why would KW choose someone like NA to be her fake husband when just about everyone who doesn't know her knows about his secret preference in partners? It just doesn't make sense to me.

I don’t have a clue as to why she would choose him. Maybe because he needed a beard, money or connections. Or a combo of all three. 

Anonymous asked: So we are assuming she called the paps, right? Jesus. What a fake.

I can 100% guarantee you that paps do not randomly hang out at Disneyland. 

Anonymous asked: They're out like a normal couple, holding hands. It's been a year now. Tony and Kerry are NOT TOGETHER. All of this proves once again that alias and the rest of them are liars.

Yes, a normal couple is seen out once in a year and a half acting normal. Seems legit. Believe whatever you wish.

Don’t like Alias? Simple. Don’t follow her.