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Checked YT for the first time today in a long time. Tony/Kerry vid has over 1000 views. Wowza! 

Anonymous asked: Come on though so Kerry just decided to post a pic of Josie and the bag that makes it seem like Josie is with her and not with Tony that had posted a pic earlier ?

All you have to do is look at the pap pictures outside LAX. Josie was not with her and did not travel with her. 

Anonymous asked: Concerning the so called "damage control" that many people think Kerry pulled yesterday with picture of the purse and Josie...did anybody ever think that maybe she just wanted to post the picture because she liked that one, or maybe that's the only one she had. She might not have been trying to convince anyone of anything, but people (not you) are so quick to jump down her throat and start calling her crazy. Jeez, give her a break! They act like they know every aspect of her life, but they don't

You speak the truth when you say fans don’t know every aspect of her life.

Anonymous asked: Please tell me what happended--I read on another tumblr blog that KW was asked about Nnobody and the Ray Rice incident and there was an awkward reaction or something. Do you know what their talking about?

Apparently Kerry was very uncomfortable when they brought up WIE. She dodged questions and completely ignored any mention of him in relation to the NFL stuff. Like I said last night, I haven’t listened/watched it yet though.

Anonymous asked: Did Kerry say Nnamdi's on the today show today? Or nah. I don't believe the two illiterate bitches who won't shut up about it but is figure id still ask.

I didn’t watch so I cannot tell you exactly what was said. Maybe one of my followers can help you out. 

Anonymous asked: The photo with Josie was from tonight. She had the purple purse on the carpet with her.

I suggest you research things before you state “facts”. 

Anonymous asked: sweet Kerry trying to do a bit of damage control by posting a picture of Josie with the purple purse? (even though the photoshoot with the purple purse was done last week in LA). Oh girl. We see you :)

Or she just likes to have a little fun? Hehe. Goldwyns love to play games. 

especially in bed room

To the anti’s and people who just can’t handle the love between T and K.

To the anti’s and people who just can’t handle the love between T and K.

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