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Anonymous asked: Hello Scandalnousnurse, when you're not to busy, could we have a Terry Fic? Yours are so good!


Some of the requests I’ve had are: a) 2013 WHCD, b) “what really happened during closetgate” Terry, c) when they found out she was pregnant. Would you like one of those? Does anyone have another idea they’d like to read?

I love angst so WHCD 2013!

Anonymous asked: It's almost sad now because it seems like because Kerry is so focused on downplaying everything with Tony, they can't even be "friendly" per say anymore. They won't take pictures at events, and the comments about him are boring. A year ago they would rave about each other. Now? not so much. what gives?

They definitely rave about one another quite a lot. It is more guarded, but they can’t hide their true feelings for one another. 

If anything, I would dare to say Tony is more guarded this time around on Twitter. He hasn’t been as messy as he was last year. I’m waiting for him to be back in “Don’t Give a F Mode” to be honest. 

Anonymous asked: When I think of what K said in the Allure mag about people not being able to separate reality from fiction I feel like saying, does this include Barbara Walters? Babs herself saw what we all saw, and thats what started the chaos. smh.

Maybe Kerry is mad we use our eyes and common sense? We should be more like the press and not question her absolutely ridiculous narrative with WIE.

Anonymous asked: Should we get used to kerry and tony not taking pics together anymore, this is the 3rd event & now no olitz selfies? I wish things were like the way before :(

"Nobody said this was easy…." *sings*

Anonymous asked: did you guys think nnamdi was in ny last week because of that twitter pic at st. mary's? because that school is in la.

A girl who lives in Brooklyn had proof WIE was in NY last week. 


People’s Choice Awards voting is open! Vote Tony and Kerry! 

Let’s go guys!

People's Choice Awards: Fan Favorites in Movies, Music & TV -



GUYS!!! They have Southern Fried listed as Best Actress and FuckAFoley as best actor. Kerry and Tony are listed as well. Go vote for them! We cannot let the other fools get nominations over them. Also Kerry and Tony are listed as Best TV Duo/Couple…..VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!!!!!!!



Let’s go T and K!

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Anonymous asked: People seem to be in an uproar about TG kissing BY on the cheek and on the lips--I just don't get what the big deal is--It's nothing--hollywood people do this all the time.--We all know he is not attracted to BY.--People should just let it go and move on to more pressing topic as to why he and KW have no pictures together?

I agree. Nothing new, but my eyes were not ready. I say focus on the never ending saga that is T and K.

Anonymous asked: Lovely and not at all weird that Tony and Kerry attend the same event (Elle women in hollywood), take pictures with the same people but completely avoid being seen in a photo together, right? haha. silly games.

Just another Monday.